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Why advertise on cars?


What do you see as the driving factors in the growth in advertising on cars?

JD Prut, VP of Marketing, DMV Media, Inc

Well, you almost answered your own question with the use of the word "driving". That is exactly what advertising on cars (or mobile advertising) allows the advertiser to do - drive the message! Although mobile advertising, such as truck advertising, bus banners, and taxi tops, has been around for quite some time, now there is a new technique that takes it to the next level - advertising wraps. A vehicle is wrapped in a vinyl adhesive material, producing a colorful and flashy advertising presentation.

With the recent downfall of online advertising and the ineffective results of web banners, companies are quickly pulling back their advertising budgets into more traditional forms of media such as outdoor advertising. Despite the previous not-to-be gold rush for online advertising, outdoor advertising has been steadily increasing in popularity. Now, with our FlashyAutos programs, advertisers are presented with the opportunity to enhance their outdoor advertising efforts. Instead of investing in conventional stable billboards, which can get really pricey in highly populated areas, advertisers can now literally "drive" their campaign message to any desired location at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, which does not offer three-dimensional and 360-degree exposure, DMV Media's FlashyAutos exist precisely in the scope of the surrounding drivers and pedestrians for maximum impact. One of the most important factors is that FlashyAutos receive much greater exposure than more traditional advertising avenues. Unlike the stable billboard, which may receive a few seconds of exposure in limited view, FlashyAutos are moving with the traffic and thus produce drastically prolonged and repeated exposure. When they are parked they attract the attention of the surrounding pedestrians and passing vehicles as well, and are virtually never out of sight-a win-win situation for advertisers. Dollar-per-dollar, mobile advertising is becoming the most effective advertising avenue available.

Alvin Clay, AdSmart Outdoor Advertising

More people are on the road then ever before. People drive almost anywhere. While traditional forms of advertising such as radio commercials and billboards are proven to be effective, drivers cannot look at billboards because they need to keep their eyes on the road and the cars around them and everyone switches the radio station when a commercial comes on. However, car ads bring the advertisement right to the level of the drivers. You can't help but notice a fully wrapped car driving beside you or front of you. People will see a car ad on average from 5 seconds to as many as 5 minutes if you continue to follow a car. This allows for greater exposure of the advertisement to the consumers and can engrave the image of the advertisement because it is seen for so long. The car also allows for more lines of sight then traditional outdoor mediums. Most billboards can only be see from one direction, however a fully wrapped car can be seen from all sides, front, back, drivers side, passenger side and even from above (from buildings in the city). This medium is also the cheapest of all forms of outdoor mediums in terms of CPM (cost per thousand). All of these factors have helped grow this business.

Chris Dyson, Founder, Ads On Wheels

The factors driving the growth; many people are inundated with traditional forms of advertising. Auto wrapping and mobile advertising in general offer the opportunity for advertisers to break through the "noise" and "clutter" of advertising today. Also, this form of advertising is "hip" today. It presents a lower cost for advertisers to brand their product or service. The exposure is much greater than that of other forms of outdoor or even traditional advertising. The average car has over 750,000 impressions per month. This medium also allows consumers to be interactive with new and established companies and products like never before. The medium also offers consumers to actually benefit financially from new products and services coming to the market. It's a way for consumers to actually "get back" something from the advertising of the companies out there. Also, we have seen a huge declined in the financial markets recently, especially the dot-coms and technology companies. This allows these companies to "tighten their belts" while still increasing exposure. Advertising agencies are also starting to gain a great amount of interest in this medium because it allows them to advertise more for less money.

Keith Powers, Co-Founder, FreeCar.com

This is an innovative alternative to traditional advertising and gives advertisers a way to connect directly with their target markets. It is also great because advertisers understand the value of being able to give value back to consumers.

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