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Who says you can't get something for nothing? If you have been on the Internet for a while you know there are lots of freebies out there. If you are a newbie, you will soon feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store -- and all you need to do is leave your name, address and email for fists full of goodies. This week's special in the "Internet Candy Store" is a popular free service -- free email accounts.

Why not get a free email account or two or three? It seems that free web-based email services have become ubiquitous. OK, I know what you are thinking. "I already have an email address. Why do I want another one even if it is free?" These services have some unique features that can make having another email address quite attractive:

  • Permanence - You can change Internet providers, schools or jobs and still keep one email address

  • Accessibility - These services use a web interface. This means anywhere you can access a web browser you can read and send mail.

  • Anonymity - You can use one of these to sign up for all those other free offers, and when you start getting too much junk email, just drop that address and get another.

  • Features - Some free email providers offer things like mail filtering and automatic forwarding of multiple accounts.

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