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Update: eFax still offers a free fax number but you have to dig a little on the site to find the information.

I just found a way to end the frustration of not having a dedicated fax line. I now have one for free. eFax is giving away free dedicated fax numbers to anyone who signs up. You give out the number to anyone you want to receive faxes from. All faxes you receive are emailed to you.

Too good to be true? It's not only for real it's easy and less intrusive than many free services I've used. The registration is very short. eFax asks for little other than your name and email address. They email you your fax number and a PIN that you only need to update your registration information.

Almost immediately after I registered I received two email messages. One contained my fax number and the other had a file attached that is needed to view your faxes. The fax viewer is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and many other platforms. It is a very small program and allows you to view and print your faxes. When your run the viewer there is a very small ad banner displayed.

The only drawback I see for the service is that all the fax numbers are Chicago numbers. That may be an issue if you're friends around the corner want to fax you, but for most purposes it shouldn't be a problem. The service is available internationally, but since the fax number is in the US it may not be the most practical service for those outside the US who receive faxes from their own country.

I'm using the service and have tested it by sending myself faxes from several sources. The system operates as advertised and so far all my faxes have arrived in my email box within minutes. This is one free service that will save me a lot of hassle and a lot of money.

For more free fax services including several sites that allow you to send faxes for free please see the Free Fax and Phone Services Links.

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