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It's now easier to find the free samples you want


There are basically two types of freebies -- tangible free stuff and free services. The tangible free stuff includes product samples and free items. I have had a master index of free services for quite some time, but I have now created a master index for the free samples and free items on this site.

Those who have used this site for a while know that you can browse the links to the left to find all the freebies categories. I know there are some of you that are primarily interested in only the free samples and free items. You will want to bookmark this new page for easy reference in the future. You will also want to check the new freebies page daily since that will point you to the newest offers. And don't forget to subscribe to the weekly newsletter for even more free offers.

free samples and free items page, you will find direct links to the beauty freebies, personal care freebies, free books, free CD-ROMs, parenting freebies and many more. A few of the categories, such as the parenting freebies, teacher freebies and travel freebies also include some free services.

When you browse the individual categories, you will notice that I have been listing the newest free offers at the top. At one time, all the listings on this site were alphabetically arranged, but for free samples and free items, it makes the most sense to keep the newest listings at the top. I have kept the free service listings alphabetical, since many people use those pages when they are looking for a link to a particular free service.

Please keep in mind that companies don't have unlimited supplies of free samples and other free items. Free offers tend to end quickly, so it is best to check back often for new offers. Also, please remember to be kind to the other freebies lovers, and to the companies. Don't order things you have no use for and please do not abuse the free offers. Most offers are one per household. Trying to get more than is permitted is not only unfair to others, it is fraud. I don't like to think that any of my users would do this, but I have had to pull offers from some companies because people were abusing them. For more on this subject you may want to read my article on freebies ethics.

The multitude of free offers on this site makes it pretty easy to find something that interests you. Requesting free samples and items, is almost like going shopping for free. I've even been known to request a free sample as a gift for a friend. I keep telling myself that I'm not cheap, just extremely thrifty!

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