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Pets love freebies too!


I've been searching the Net for the best free offers I could locate on pet related items and services. You will find everything from free pet food samples to a free service to help locate a lost pet. There are freebies for dogs, free stuff for cats and occasionally even for horses.

I just have one reminder about conserving these and other "free resources". Please only request a free item if you have a use for it. There have been many free pet offers over the last few years that were either discontinued or made "postage only" offers because too many people ordered them just because they were free. I ask that you be particularly aware of this for the smaller operations that are offering free stuff. For moreinformation along this line you might want to check out my feature on Freebie Ethics.

In order to better maintain the links they have been moved to the Pet Freebies links page.

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