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By the time you approach and enter your retirement years you have contributed much to society. Seniors deserve something for free after all that work and sacrifice.

Senior citizens can certainly make use of most of the freebies that are listed on this site, but there are some freebies that are of particular interest to seniors. I've assembled a list of offers and services that will be of particular interest to those fifty and older: Senior Freebies.

Many who are not yet approaching their golden years may still want to check out the sites listed here. You may find things that you will want to point out to your parents or grandparents.

After you have checked out the senior freebies be sure to come back often to find new offers. All of the freebies lists on the site are constantly changing. You can find all the newest freebies on the New Freebies page. Normally a new offer is added to the top of this list every day. Don't forget to check the list of all freebies categories for may other offers that you may find of interest.

About.com also has a great site called Senior Living that you may want to check out.

If you have not yet subscribed to the freebies newsletter check out the subscription page. You will receive updates with highlights of the freebies site weekly.

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