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A Different View of Mystery Shopping

Notes from a professional mystery shopper


By Melanie Jordan, author of "The Perfect Work-At-Home Job: Mystery Shopping" and "How-To Finally Make Money As A Mystery Shopper".

Mystery shoppers who actually make real money in this field learn:

  • how to work efficiently and know which types of shops are worth their time and which are not. For example, experienced mystery shoppers know their coverage area and only do assignments that fall in it.

  • what is reasonable pay for their time spent traveling to and from an assignment, actually conducting the shop, and preparing and submitting the report.

  • to develop a system for getting their work assignments. They focus on getting job leads and jobs coming to them, rather than having to spend their valuable time searching for work. Time spent looking for work is time spent not working!

  • the tricks of the trade for maximizing their income and avoiding the mistakes that drain their earnings.

On the next page, learn the common mistake beginning mystery shoppers make.

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