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Sometimes a teacher needs to do something "extreme" to get the attention of the students. In most cases, though, it only takes the use of a different approach or some new classroom materials. Unfortunately, with school budgets tight everywhere, it is often difficult or impossible for teachers to buy those materials. I've assembled a list of teacher freebies that I hope can be used to stretch both the schools' budgets and the students' minds.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated these teacher freebies are only available to teachers and in the US.

For well over 100 more teacher freebies check the Teacher Freebies list.

  • Teaching Money and Finance The Federal Reserve Bank of New York makes available a variety of student booklets for elementary, high school and college students. The above link takes you to a list of free comic books.

  • Technology Literacy Intel has put together a great kit to help you introduce students to the technology behind computers. (US and Canada)

  • USGS Materials The US Geological Survey has a good selection of materials to aid in teaching about geology and hydrogeology.
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