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What is your opinion worth? To a growing number of survey companies it is quite valuable. The Internet offers a new medium for these companies to obtain market research data. This type of data has traditionally been gathered by telephone and mail surveys. Both of the old fashioned means of data collection tend to be expensive because of the typically low response rate. Some of the money that would have been spent on phone and mail surveys can be used as a motivation for Internet users to fill out surveys.

As with most ventures on the Net, acquiring market research by Internet survey is still a rapidly evolving field. Each company has a slightly different approach to providing incentives to get us to fill out the surveys. The one thing they all have in common is they have a registration and qualification process. Normally you register once and obtain a user name and password. Most sites have you fill out a rather lengthy profile when you register. Some use this profile to determine who is eligible for which surveys and some sites have qualifying surveys that you must complete before being considered for each study. The incentives I have seen consist of one or more of the following -- entry into a cash or prize drawing, accumulating points for prizes, or direct payment of cash. The one thing that makes the cash and prize drawings more attractive than your average Internet contest is that your odds are usually better since there tend to be less participants.

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