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There is something about free CDs and CD-ROMs that make them one of the most fun freebies to get. I don't know if it is just thought of the amount of information stored on that thin disk or just because they make cool coasters for us geeks. Not that I am suggesting that you send for free CDs to use as coasters. Actually, I think that AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve and even MSN have sent out enough unsolicited CDs so that most of us geeks have a full set of those nifty coasters already.

I have found many more free CDs than I will list here. I expect that you will order some of these CDs and use them as they were intended instead of as resting pads for your drinks. In the list below you will see everything from automobile previews to travel brochures to eclectic music on CD. Go ahead and order some free CDs and enjoy!

In order to better maintain the links they have been moved to the Free CDs Net links page.

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