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Moving is a stressful, time intensive, and expensive proposition. You can mitigate some of the stress, save some time and spare a little of the expense by taking advantage of a variety of free offers and services which you can find in my list of moving freebies links.

As I write this, I'm preparing for a move myself. This will be the eighth move of my adult life. Each move has become more difficult and more expensive than the last. I've lived at my present address for twelve years, so this is the first move that I've had the resources of the Web at my disposal. The information and services that I've used to help plan this move have definitely made a difficult job much easier.

It is amazing that in a few short years, the Web has become one of the most indispensable sources of information and resources that ever existed. The Internet may not be the solution for all of your moving needs, but it is a big help. Just the act of browsing through the free services and items available is enough to take the edge off your stress levels. All together now - take three deep breaths, and check out the moving freebies links .

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