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Veterans Day Free Meals 2014 (Over 70 Restaurants!) - Freebies
A big list of free meals for Veterans Day 2014. Participating restaurants include Golden Corral, Applebees, Olive Garden, Chili's, Krispy Kreme, and more.
Freebies for Military Members and Veterans
Military Freebies for Military Members, Families, and Veterans ... Every Veterans Day restaurants around the country give out free meals and other freebies to ...
Veterans Day - Honoring All Who Served - US Military - About.com
Many Americans mistakenly believe that Veterans Day is the day America sets aside to honor American military personnel who died in battle or as a result of ...
Veterans Day 2014 Events in Washington, DC
Celebrate Veterans Day at a Washington, DC memorial wreath-laying ceremony. Honor veterans of the U. S. at special Veteran's Day events in Washington, DC.
Veterans Day Parade in New York City
Over 25000 marchers participate in the New York City Veterans Day Parade honoring veterans, servicemen and servicewomen. Find out about the parade ...
Veterans Day - History of Veterans Day - American History - About.com
What is the history behind veteran's day? When is it and when did it originate? The answer to these and other questions can be found in this article.
Veterans Day - Freedom is Not Free - US Government - About.com
In October of 2001, President Bush observed Veterans Day by announcing the Lessons of Liberty Initiative, a way for students to learn about America and its ...
Manassas Veterans Day Parade 2014 - Manassas Virginia
The Manassas Veterans Day Parade is the largest Veterans Day Parade in Northern Virginia and in the Washington DC area. See the details and photos.
Salt Lake City, Utah Veterans Day Events - About.com
Here's a list of Veteran's Day events throughout the Salt Lake Valley.
How to Celebrate Veterans Day with Kids - Kids' Parties ...
Celebrate Veterans Day with kids by throwing a party or planning an activity that teaches children about the sacrifices members of the military make.
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