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Free Wordoku Puzzles -- Like Sudoku but with Letters


What is Wordoku?:

By now you have probably heard of Sudoku and you may even be one of the millions hooked on Sudoku. Now meet Wordoku. Wordoku uses a set of nine letters instead of digits and the diagonal spells a word.

Where can I get free Wordoku puzzles?:

There are a number of sites on the Net with free Wordoku puzzles, but I've found one I particualry like. Check out Vegard Hanssen's Wordoku page. He has over 500,000 free Wordoku puzzles and he is still generating more. While you are there you can also check out other puzzles such as Kakuro, Codoku, and of course Sudoku.

How do you play Wordoku?:

Each puzzle gives you the set of nine letters that are used. You need to fill in the 9x9 puzzles so that each row, each column, and each 3x3 box contains all nine letters. Some of the letters are already filled in to get you started. When you finish the puzzle there will be word spelled out in the diagonal from top left to bottom right.
You can use the links at the bottom of the page to solve the puzzle online, print the puzzle, or cheat and show the solution.
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