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The age of the digital magazine has truly arrived. This may be a bold statement, but I believe GamerZines has redefined magazine publishing. These are digital magazines that I find preferable to print magazines and they are totally free.

GamerZines has three titles so far -- 360Zine for the Xbox 360, PCGZine for PC games, and PESFanzine dedicated to Pro Evolution Soccer. More magazines are on the way, including at least one for hand held gaming.

These digital magazines are simply beautiful. Thy look as good or better than any print magazine that you would pay for. The magazines take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of Adobe Acrobat and embed video previews and trailers right in the document. You will need version 6 or higher of the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Quality Content:
I was impressed with the quality of the writing in the magazines. They do fair and insightful reviews and they don't pull any punches if the game being reviewed is bad.

No Registration Required:
This is one site that really offers something for nothing. You don't even need to register you email address in order to download the free magazines. You are, however, given the opportunity to join their email list to be notified when new issues are available.

Unobtrusive Advertising:
These digital magazines are advertising supported, but the advertising actually adds to the quality of the magazines rather than getting in your way. The ads provide beautiful graphics and many of them include game trailers to peak your interest. And best of all, with digital magazines there are no little subscription cards falling out while you are trying to read.

The other complaint I have is very minor, but I found it annoying. They move the "next page" link around. I'll be clicking the link at the lower right paging through the magazine, and all of a sudden there will be a page with the navigation at the top.

The moving navigation is really just a minor annoyance in these fantastic digital game magazines. I found myself reading them from cover to cover while I have print game magazines that have been sitting on the desk beside me untouched for weeks.

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