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Free Jigsaw Puzzles for Macs and Other Platforms


Because of the popularity of my free jigsaw puzzles, I frequently get asked for jigsaw puzzles that work with Mac computers. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to create Mac compatible versions of my free jigsaw puzzles. However, I have found a couple sites that have good free online jigsaw puzzles that Mac users, Linux users and Windows users can enjoy.

AARP Free Online Games - The AARP site has several good online games including a daily jigsaw puzzle. You can access puzzles from the past month with the selector at the bottom of the page. The puzzles require the ShockWave plug-in, but should work on just about any computer.

JigZone - JigZone has a great variety of puzzles with many choices for numbers and shapes of pieces. The puzzles should work with almost any fairly up to date computer.

Flash Puzzle Zone - As the name indicates, these are Flash based puzzles. There is a very large variety of images and you can even create your own puzzle by uploading a picture.

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