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Christmas Freebies

Your Guide to Free Christmas Stuff


Christmas time is here and after you've shelled out money for gifts, food, and decorations, you're probably ready to stop spending money. I'm going to help you do just that with this list of Christmas freebies.

Below you'll find out how to get free Christmas cards, download free Christmas music, get free Christmas computer wallpaper, get your child a free letter from Santa, print out free Christmas coloring pages, play free online Christmas games, print free tags for your gifts, print Christmas coloring pages and puzzles, play free Christmas sheet music, and more.

Free Christmas Cards

© Xerox

You'll find the best of the best printable Christmas cards here and they are all free.

You won't believe how good these look, you can even print your own Chrsitmas photo card for free.

If you're looking to save some trees this year, I also have a list of some wonderful looking free Christmas ecards.

Free Christmas Music

Christmas Freebies
Photo: picturegarden / Getty Images

Christmas isn't quite Christmas without some holiday music in the background.

Here you can download free Christmas music to listen to at home, work, or even provide as background music at a holiday party.

I also have a list of free Christmas music online radio stations that play streaming Christmas music around the clock.

Free Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

Christmas Freebies
© American Greetings

I've scoured the Internet and found the very best free Christmas desktop wallpaper that's out there. This is really going to help add some holiday cheer to your computer!

There's also some free winter wallpaper if you're looking for something a little more about the season instead of the holiday.

Free Letter From Santa

Christmas Freebies
Photo: altrendo images / Getty Images

In just a few minutes time you can create a personalized letter to your child from Santa.

This is a wonderful gift to give a child at Christmas time and you'll love the big smile on their faces when Santa writes to them personally.

Free, Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Freebies
© Lovely Design

You'll find a whole lot printable Christmas gift tags here that can be printed form your computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.

These free Christmas gift tags will save you money and get your gifts looking better than ever.

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Freebies
© Raising Our Kids

You'll find links to thousands of free, printable Christmas coloring pages here.

Print these out and have the kids spend those cold winter days inside coloring.

If you're looking for more specific coloring pages, you can also see Christmas tree coloring pages and Santa coloring pages.

Free Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas Freebies
© Party Place

Having a Christmas party this year? Take the first step in inviting your guests with these free, printable Christmas party invites.

No need to go out and buy invitations when these free ones look so great.

Christmas Party Games That Won't Cost You a Cent

Christmas Freebies
Photo: Betsie Van der Meer / Getty images

These Christmas party games are free to put on because they all use items that you already have on hand.

You'll find free Christmas party games for the kids and free Christmas party games just for the adults.

Everyone will like to play these printable Christmas bingo games at your next holiday party.

Free Online Christmas Games

Christmas Freebies
© Primary Games

These free online Christmas games are fun for both the kids and the adults!

You'll have all kinds of fun playing these holiday games. They can be a great stress reliever around the holidays as well.

There are also some free online Santa games if you're looking for games that only feature the big guy.

Printable Christmas Worksheets

Christmas Freebies
Photo: LWA / Getty Images

This list of printable Christmas worksheets is great for home schooling parents or teachers.

I also have a special list of free Christmas math worksheets to help reinforce math skills.

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