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A List of Free Christmas Games to Play Online


Updated for Christmas 2013

These online Christmas games are sure to get rid of some of that holiday stress and replace it with holiday fun. Take a few minutes out of your day, or a few hours if you have it, and try your hand at some of the games on this list of free online Christmas games.

All the online Christmas games below are for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

Looking for online Christmas games that only feature the big guy in the red suit? Check out my list of free Santa games and then head on over to see the rest of my Christmas freebies such as free Christmas coloring pages.

Santa Vs. Jack

Online Christmas game
© Primary Games

In this action-packed online Christmas game, you're Santa and you are in a rush to deliver all your gifts. You'll earn points for each time you deliver a present.

Watch out for the obstacles in this online Christmas game because Jack Frost's icicles and tall buildings could mean the end of the game.


online Christmas games
© Primary Games

In this unique online Christmas game, Santa has a big problem. His reindeer have the day off and he needs your help to deliver the presents without them.

You'll need to draw a snow line for Santa to follow in this fun problem-solving online Christmas game.

Dodge to the Lodge

online Christmas games
© Primary Games

In the online Christmas game Dodge to the Lodge, your job is to guide a beaver back to his lodge by jumping from logs to logs across the river.

Watch out for the bears, porcupines, and bees in this online Christmas game though because they will send your beaver back to the start.

Ashton's Family Resort

online Christmas games
© Primary Games

Ashton's Family Resort is a time management online Christmas game where your goal is to keep your guests happy by keeping them stocked up with firewood, cleaning their cabins, and helping them build a snowman.

Don't worry if that sounds like a handful because this online Christmas game has a great tutorial to help you get started.

Present Pileup

online Christmas games
© Primary Games

In the online Christmas game Present Pileup, you're working with the elves in Santa's factory to wrap presents. You'll need to place the correct present in the correct box as it goes buy on the conveyor belt.

It sounds like a pretty easy online Christmas game, but that conveyor belt goes fast and you've to be quick to get enough presents wrapped to pass the level.

Christmas Tree Light Up!

online Christmas game
© Primary Games

Christmas Tree Light Up! is a online Christmas game that will have you scratching your head.

You'll need to move the tiles to connect all the wires and light bulbs so your tree will light up in this online Christmas game.

Santa Ski Jump

online Christmas games
© Primary Games

In Santa Ski Jump, you'll need to make sure Santa jumps fast and stylish to get the maximum number of points in this online Christmas game.

Once you get enough stars on a level of this online Christmas game, you'll get to go onto the next.

Thin Ice

online Christmas games
© Miniclip

If you want to succeed at the online Christmas game Thin Ice then you better have some great skating skills.

To pass each level in this online Christmas game, you'll need to skate circles around all the monsters to make them fall in the water.

Snow Drift

online Christmas games
© Miniclip

The online Christmas game Snow Drift has you take out monsters by making Yeti slide into them.

This is a fun fast-paced online Christmas game that's a lot of fun for all ages.

Wrap Attack

online Christmas games
© Miniclip

There's a lot going on in the online Christmas game Wrap Attack! You're Tommy and you need to rescue a kidnapped Santa while wrapping up some toys.

This online Christmas game is a fun adventure and arcade style game that will have you playing for hours.

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