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Christmas Party Games for Adults

Christmas Party Games for Adults That Won't Cost a Dime


Updated for Christmas 2013

These Christmas party games are for adults and are going to be perfect for your holiday party or office Christmas party.

There are some ice breakers, guessing games, trivia, and some just downright hilarious Christmas party games for adults in the list below.

Tip: These also make great office Christmas party games.

You can find more Christmas freebies such as Christmas party games for kids, free Christmas music, and free Christmas cards.

Ornament Guess

Christmas Party Games for Adults
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A great way to start of your Christmas party is to have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk into the party.

Christmas Charades

Charades can be a great ice-breaker and with Christmas charades you can keep your guests in the holiday spirit. Ideas for phrases include Christmas movies or songs.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

The classic game of Pictionary where teams race to draw popular Christmas carols.

Candy Canes

Christmas Party Games for Adults
Photo: Lisa Mckelvie / Getty Images

This is a card game that is played much like Spoons but candy canes are used.

Christmas Find Out Who

A printable Christmas party game for adults that makes a great ice breaker.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Here are some printable Christmas movie trivia sheets including general Christmas movie trivia and A Christmas Story trivia.

Christmas Movie Drinking Game

This Christmas party game is indeed for adults only. Here 10 Christmas movie drinking games.

Name That Christmas Carol

This is a fun Christmas party for adults that will really get your guests thinking.

Minute to Win It Christmas Games

These Christmas-themed Minute to Win It games make some excellent Christmas party games for adults. In fact, you could plan a whole party around this theme.

Christmas Photo Props

Christmas Party Games for Adults
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Print out these free photo props and for a quick and easy way to add some fun to your Christmas party. There's a Santa beard, Santa hat, reindeer antlers, and many more props that you can print out and attach to a stick or straw.
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