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Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Party Games for Kids That Use What You Already Have


Updated for Christmas 2013

These Christmas party games for kids are perfect for a school party or a family get together where there are going to be lots of kids.

The best part about these Christmas party games is that they only use items that you already have. That means you don't have to go out and spend your hard earned cash on items you probably won't ever use again.

If you're looking to save more money this holiday season, be sure to check out my Christmas freebies where you'll find freebies like free letters from Santa, printable Christmas gift tags, and much more.

Tip: Looking for more Christmas games for kids? Check out my list of free online Christmas games that kids can play.

Gift Stacking Game

The kids will love this Christmas party game where they race to recreate a stack of gifts. All you need is some empty boxes and leftover gift wrap.

Christmas Charades

Here you'll find the basic rules of charades and you can put a Christmas spin on it by making all the phrases about Christmas and the holiday season.

Decorate Christmas Cookies

If you have some extra Christmas cookie decorations laying around then decorating them can be a great Christmas party game for kids. You can even give out awards for the prettiest, most creative, most colorful, etc.

Christmas Bingo

Print out these printable bingo cards and you'll have an instant Christmas party game that didn't cost you anything.

Find Santa's Reindeer

Here's a fun scavenger hunt where the kids will need to find Santa's reindeer. Make it free by using a printable reindeer from my free Christmas coloring pages.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a large stocking with items around the house and let the kids guess what's in the stocking.

Christmas Memory Game

This Christmas party game for kids will help keep their mind sharp as they try to recall items that were place before them.

Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph

A silly take on the popular game that kids will absolutely love.

Santa Says

A fun take on Simon Says that's a great way to end a Christmas party for kids.

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