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Christmas Party Games That Won't Cost You a Cent

Free Holiday Party Games


Updated for Christmas 2013

These Christmas party games will really give your Christmas party budget a break this year. Since they only use items you already have on hand, you can spend the rest of the budget on other items like food and drink.

The Christmas party games are divided by those for kids and those for adults. Be sure to check out both lists though because most of the party games can be tweaked to make them work for any group of party-goers.

I have more Christmas freebies to help you save more money on your Christmas party like free Christmas music.

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Party Games
Photo: Supernova / Getty Images

Here's a list of Christmas party games for kids that only uses supplies that you can easily find in your home.

From bingo, to relay races, to more unique Christmas party games, you'll find a ton of games here that the kids will love.

Christmas Party Games for Adults

Christmas Party Games
Photo: Betsie Van der Meer / Getty images

No need to leave the grown-ups out of the fun, this list will take you to Christmas party games just for the adults.

There's a lot of fun Christmas party games here and no matter if you have a timid or wild crowd, they should have a blast with these.

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