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Free Christmas Tree Templates

Printable Christmas Tree Templates In All Shapes and Sizes


Updated for Christmas 2013

These printable Christmas tree templates are blank images of Christmas trees that you can print out and then have your child cut out and decorate. You'll find a wide selection of shapes and styles of the Christmas trees that will work for just about any craft project.

These Christmas tree templates can be printed on regular printer paper or on cardstock. You can even change it up by printing them on different colors of paper.

Tip: The images of the Christmas trees here are only meant to give you a preview of the template. Visit the links to download the full-sized Christmas tree template before you print.

Tip: Encourage your kiddos to use their imaginations to decorate these Christmas tree templates using markers, crayons, paints, sequins, feathers, magazine cutouts, or anything else that would make their Christmas tree uniquely theirs.

If you are loving these free Christmas tree templates, you'll want to check out lots of other Christmas freebies including printable Christmas cards, Christmas coloring pages, Christmas tree coloring pages, and Christmas clip art.

Christmas Tree Templates at FirstPalette

Christmas Tree Templates
© FirstPalette

FirstPalette has three different Christmas tree templates available. There are smaller Christmas trees that print off four per page, medium Christmas tree templates that print off two per page, and a large Christmas tree that prints one per page.

Just use the Download link to print off the Christmas tree template you'd like to use.

Activity Village's Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Christmas Tree Templates
© Activity Village

Activity Village has a page of simple Christmas tree templates that come four to a page, each Christmas tree being in a different size. Scroll down the page for two more Christmas tree templates of layered trees.

Besides Christmas tree templates, there are a lot of other Christmas templates here of sleighs, reindeer, stockings, snowmen, holly, stars, ornaments, bells, candy canes, candles, and wreaths.

Nick Jr.'s Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Templates
© Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. has this nice Christmas tree template you can print out and decorate or use it to cut out cardboard.

Use the Print button to quickly print this Christmas tree template off.

Free Christmas Tree Template from First-School

Christmas Tree Templates
© First School

Here's a single Christmas tree template that's all ready to be printed out directly from your browser.

This Christmas tree template is a layered tree in a simple stand container.

Let's Make Greeting Cards Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Christmas Tree Templates
© Let's Make Greeting Cards

A single printout will get you two sizes of this wonderful Christmas tree template.

Included here are instructions on how to use the Christmas tree templates to make handmade Christmas greeting cards.

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