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Hundreds of Free Christmas Worksheets

Free, Printable Christmas Worksheets for the Holiday Season


Updated for Christmas 2013

Christmas worksheets are a great way to add some fun to a rather boring looking worksheet and the kids will jump at the chance to do them.

Below you'll find hundreds of Christmas worksheets that help teach math, writing, vocabulary, problem solving, and more.

If you love these Christmas worksheets, you can find more Christmas freebies such as Christmas coloring pages, Christmas word search puzzles, and Christmas games to keep this kids having fun this holiday season.

Math Christmas Worksheets

This is a list of free, printable Christmas worksheets that help reinforce math skills. They are all Christmas themed making them extra fun for the kids to complete.

The Christmas worksheets here have kids practice math skills such as counting, pattern recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry, and algebra.

Word Search Christmas Worksheets

This is a huge list of Christmas worksheets that are all word search puzzles.

The word search puzzles here vary in skill level and have anywhere from 6 all the way up to almost 70 hidden words. A recommended grade level is given for each puzzle.

Writing Christmas Worksheets

About.com Special Education has Christmas worksheets that include Christmas themed writing paper and acrostic poems.

If you're looking for more resources, you'll also find a great selection of Christmas graphic organizers here.

Christmas Worksheets for Homeschoolers

Beverly Hernandez, your About.com Guide to Homeschooling, has a wonderful collection of Christmas worksheets called Twelve Days of Christmas.

The Christmas worksheets here include word search puzzles, vocabulary worksheets, crossword puzzles, trivia, writing worksheets, and more.

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