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Updated for Christmas 2013

These free Christmas fonts will really help you celebrate the season with fonts that incorporate candy canes, snowflakes, and iconic Christmas font styles. Besides being some great looking fonts, these Christmas fonts are completely free for you to download and use on all your personal projects, online or off.

There are plenty of nice Christmas fonts out there but I've gathered what I think are the top free Christmas fonts. These Christmas fonts are are easy to download and are high-quality fonts that are going to look great on even printed projects like on a Christmas letter.

If none of these free Christmas fonts catch you eye, visit my list of the top places to get free fonts to find just what you're looking for.

Use these free Christmas fonts with some free Christmas clip art, Christmas borders, Christmas card templates, printable Christmas cards or Santa letters.

Tip: Having trouble getting that free Christmas font to show up on your computer? Learn how to unzip the files and then install them.

Kingthing's Christmas

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

Kingthing's Christmas is a wonderful free Christmas font that features elegant letters sitting atop mounds of snow as snowflakes fall down from the sky.

You'll be downloading a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters with this free Christmas font.

Candy Cane

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

The free Christmas font Candy Cane is just like the name implies, a font with black and white stripes representing a candy cane.

A download of this free Christmas font will get uppercase, lowercase, and a few symbols in the Candy Cane font.


Free Christmas Fonts
© Acid Fonts

Frosty is a free Christmas font based on the font used for the Frosty the Snowman animated cartoon.

A fun text along with a scattering of snowflakes makes this free Christmas font a great choice.

Santa's Sleigh

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

Santa's Sleigh is a free Christmas font that has a vintage Christmas card feel to it.

There are three options for downloading Santa's Sleigh - regular, bold, and deluxe.

Dear Santa

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

Dear Santa is an adorable free Christmas font that looks like a child has written out your text.

Along with the handwritten text is some very cute images that are used in place of uppercase letters.


Free Christmas Fonts
© fawnt

In this free Christmas font the uppercase letters and numbers show up with images beside them and the lowercase letters are displayed inside bulbs.

In just a few minutes time you'll have this free Christmas font downloaded to your computer and ready to use.

Christmas Snow

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

Christmas means snow for a lot of people and this free Christmas font won't disappoint.

The letters you use with this Christmas font will be covered with mounds of snow as even more snow falls.

Christmas Lights

Free Christmas Fonts
© dafont

Christmas Lights is a free Christmas font that puts each letter of your text inside a Christmas light hanging from a cord.

There are two options for this free Christmas font, outdoor and indoor, and each come with a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as quite a few symbols and special characters.

Christmas #2

Free Christmas Fonts
© Urban Fonts

Use the uppercase letters of this free Christmas font to get snowflakes along with you text or use the lowercase to get a matching font without the snowflakes.

Numbers and a few other characters are also included in this free Christmas font download.

Christmas Card

Free Christmas Fonts
© Urban Fonts

Here's a very vintage Christmas font that looks just like text you'd see on old Christmas cards.

The download of this free Christmas font includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

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