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A List of Free Online Santa Claus Games


Santa games are online games that feature Santa as the star he deserves to be. You'll need to help Santa deliver presents, get himself down the chimney, or get him past the bad guys to win these Santa games.

Be sure to head over to look at the rest of my Christmas freebies when you're done playing these Santa games.

Are you looking for more Santa games? You'll find Santa games and other holiday games in my list of free online Christmas games. They're fun for kids and adults alike!

Santa Vs. Jack

Santa games
© Primary Games

In this Santa game, you earn points by throwing presents inside the chimneys of the houses with lights on.

Beware of Jack Frost throwing icicles at you! They will quickly cost you your lives and ultimately the game.


Santa games
© Primary Games

Santa has given his reindeer the day off and needs your help to deliver the presents in this Santa game.

You can help Santa and win this Santa game by drawing a line with your mouse to create a path where Santa can collect the presents and reach the finish line before time runs out.

Santa Ski Jump

© Primary Games

You'll need to jump high and with style to get the maximum number of points in this Santa game.

If you can collect enough stars then you'll go on to the next level in this competitive Santa game.

Santa's Gift Jump

Santa games
© Miniclip

This is a fast-paced Santa game that requires you to skate on the ice as presents fall down on your head.

Earn lots of points by jumping up to catch presents and even more points by jumping extra high to catch them.

Santa's Cannon

Santa games
© Miniclip

Who needs a reindeer and a sled? Santa sure doesn't in this Santa game!

In this Santa game, you'll need to help Santa load a cannon and shoot the presents out of it to all the boys and girls in the world.

Deep Freeze

Santa games
© Miniclip

In this Santa game, Deep Freeze, you'll get to use your water gun to freeze out the enemies and keep Santa safe from harm.

It's a race against the clock to clear the level before time runs out in this fast-paced Santa game.

Santa's Chimney Trouble

Santa games
© Santa Games

Santa has some chimney trouble in this Santa game. This is a challenging puzzle game where you'll need to lead Santa down the chimney and through to the Christmas tree.

Watch out though because this Santa game is timed, and once the timer reaches zero Santa will come if you're ready or not.

Santa Snowboards

Santa games
© Santa.net

In this Santa game, you'll be helping Santa learn how to use his new snowboard.

Help Santa jump over obstacles to earn points in this Santa game.

Happy Santa

Santa games
© Big B Games

In the Santa game Happy Santa, you'll need to deliver presents to all the houses that have their lights on.

Watch out for storms and trees because they could mean the end for you in this Santa game.

Santa Rush

Santa games
© Big B Games

Santa must be in a rush if he's given up his sleigh for a 4X4! In this Santa game, you'll need to race across the snowy landscape to collect as many presents as possible.

This Santa game requires you to throw candy canes at the presents in order to capture them.

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