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How to Get Free Software for Your Computer

Tons of free software to download and use on your computer.
  1. Free Antivirus Software (22)
  2. Free Cloud/Online Storage Services (8)
  3. Free Decompression Software (9)
  4. Free File Converters (7)
  5. Free Image Tools (22)
  6. Free Office Software (68)
  7. Free Torrent Clients (3)

Free Alternatives to MS Office

 Stop paying for Microsoft Office when you can use these free alternatives.

Free Antivirus Programs
Reviews of several of the top free antivirus software programs for Windows.


Free Online Virus Scanners
An updated list of the very best online virus scanners.


Free On-Demand Virus Scanners
An updated list of the best free on-demand antivirus and and antimalware tools.


Free Cloud Storage Services
An updated list of services that offer completely free cloud storage.


Free PDF Readers

A list of free programs that let you open and read PDF files.

Free PDF Creators
A list of free software that will convert your files to a PDF.

Free PDF to Word Converters
A list of the best free programs that convert PDF to Word formats like DOCX and DOC.


Master List of Free Torrent Clients
Here are the best free torrent programs out there.


Free Zip & Unzip Programs
A list of free programs for zipping (compressing) and unzipping (decompressing) file formats like TAR, ZIP, RAR, and more.


Free File Search Tools
A list of free file search programs, advanced tools that let you search your computer for files.

Download Free Ringtones
Where you can go to get free ringtones for your phone.

Make Internet Phone Calls for Free
List and reviews of free Internet phone call providers.

Google Voice Review
Google Voice lets you make free phone calls over the Internet. See my review here.

Your Opinions on Free Phone Calls With Google Voice
Opinions about Google Voice from readers who have made free calls using the service.

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