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Eight Resources for Fall Clip Art


These free fall clip art images are going to look great in all of your fall projects. Whether you're designing a flyer, announcement, brochure, or creating something online, these free fall clip art images are the perfect addition.

You'll find all kinds of fall images in these fall clip art resources. There are pumpkins, leaves, trees, scarecrows, pumpkins, corns, acorns, wheat, cornucopias, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure you'll find the perfect image for your project.

Looking for more fall clip art? Check out my collections of free fall leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving , turkey, and pumpkin clip art collections.


After you've browsed through this free fall clip art, find yourself some other fall freebies like free fall wallpaper, word searches, and coloring pages.

Tip: Be sure to check out the fine print before downloading the free fall clip art. All of them are free for personal use but there are some that may have restrictions on using them commercially.

Free Fall Clip Art at About.com Clip Art

Free Fall Clip Art
© About.com Clip Art

About.com Clip Art has a huge list of free fall clip art that's yours for the taking.

Scroll down the page and click on the images you're interested to see a large clip art image you can download.

Teacher Files' Free Fall Clip Art

Free Fall Clip Art
© Teacher Files

You'll find free fall clip art here that includes colorful images of pumpkins and leaves as well as text celebrating that it's finally fall.

Besides free fall clip art, you'll also find a few free Halloween clip art images.

Free Fall Leaves Clip Art by artbymichelle

Free Fall Clip Art
© artbymichelle

This is a unique collection of free fall leaves clip art that includes images of trees, wreaths, flowers, and leaves.

Click on any of the fall clip art images to view them full size so you can download them.

Free Clip Art Store's Fall Clip Art

Free Fall Clip Art
© Free Clip Art Store

The Free Clip Art Store has 3 pages of free fall clip art you can download.

Within the free fall clip art images you'll see leaves, baskets, wheelbarrows, leaves, corn, pumpkins, and scarecrows.

Fall Clip Art at Hellas Multimedia

Free Fall Clip Art
© Hellas Multimedia

Browse your way through 5 pages of free fall clip art until you find just the right one here at Hellas Multimedia.

There are leaves, acorns, titles, pumpkins, wheat, wreaths, and bouquets.

Kids' Turn Central Free Fall Clip Art

Free Fall Clip Art
© Kids' Turn Central

There are a few fall clip art images over at Kid's Turn Central and they include images of fall leaves, scarecrows, and more.

There's much more clip art here for other times of the year so be sure to take a look around.

Fall Clip Art at Clipart Guide

Free Fall Clip Art
© Clipart Guide

There is some lovely fall clip art here with images of apple trees, wheat, cornucopias, and fall leaves.

Choose one image or choose them all because they are going to look great on whatever you're working on.

Clip Art for Free's Fall Clip Art

Free Fall Clip Art
© Clip Art for Free

There may be only a handful of free fall clip art Clip Art for Free but you're going to love every last one of them.

Just take a look at this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet fall clip art. Adorable!

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