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Printable Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Print These Free Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Your Thanksgiving Table


Updated for Thanksgiving 2013

These printable Thanksgiving centerpieces are an easy and free way to really dress up your Thanksgiving table.

All of these Thanksgiving centerpieces can be printed on computer paper or card stock and then transformed into your three dimensional Thanksgiving centerpiece by following the directions that go with each project.

You can find even more Thanksgiving freebies like these printable Thanksgiving centerpieces that include other Thanksgiving decorations for your table such as Thanksgiving place cards.

Paper Turkey Centerpiece by Martha Stewart

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
© Martha Stewart

This is such a classic Thanksgiving centerpiece and you'll love how easy it is to put together.

You'll need to print the turkeys, glue them back to back, and then create the accordion base. Put everything together and you're all done!

Mayflower Centerpiece by Martha Stewart

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
© Martha Stewart

Print the templates provided and use them to trace and cut out the parts of the Mayflower.

Follow the easy directions to create a Mayflower Thanksgiving centerpiece that can be filled with your favorite Thanksgiving treat.

Thanksgiving Paper Chain Centerpiece by Twig & Thistle

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
© Twig & Thistle

Print out the strips of paper and put them together to form a Thanksgiving paper chain that can be laid in the center of your Thanksgiving table.

This is such a clever and unique way to add a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving table this year.

Disney Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Disney Family

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
© Disney Family

This adorable Disney Thanksgiving centerpiece features the whole Disney gang having Thanksgiving dinner.

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is super easy to put together. Just print out the template, fold, and place it on the dinner table.

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