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Top 10 Free Thanksgiving Ecards

Send a Thanksgiving Ecard To Friends and Family Members


Updated for Thanksgiving 2013

These Thanksgiving ecards are perfect for sending to family and friends who you won't be able to see this Thanksgiving. But they really can be sent to anyone in your life who you want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to this year.

These are some of the best Thanksgiving ecards online and all of them are free for you to send. All of them can be customized with a personal message and some of them you can add photos to or even turn into an online invitation.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, be sure to see my list of printable Thanksgiving cards. There are plenty of other Thanksgiving freebies here as well.

1. It's Turkey Time! by Marcia Copeland

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Marcia Copeland

This colorful Thanksgiving ecard features a stunning turkey that helps you wish the recipients a Happy Thanksgiving.

You could also use this Thanksgiving ecard as an online Thanksgiving invitation to your Thanksgiving dinner by choosing the option to ask your guests to RSVP.

2. Gobble Gobble by Susan Burghart

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Susan Burghart

Beautiful meets traditional here in this beautifully illustrated Thanksgiving ecard.

When you're designing this Thanksgiving ecard you get to add your own images and text which you can then stylize before sending.

3. Breakin' With the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Hallmark

Nothing quite says Happy Thanksgiving like - a group of break dancing pilgrims?!

This hilarious free Thanksgiving ecard does just that and can be ready to go in just a few minutes.

4. Thanksgiving by Eleni's Cookies

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Eleni's Cookies

Whoever gets this Thanksgiving ecard is going to be amazed at the detail put into these homemade turkey cookies.

Add your own custom title and message before sending off this free Thanksgiving ecard.

5. Give Thanks by Rachel Drice

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Rachel Drice

This free Thanksgiving ecard looks better than print ones you can buy at the store!

This is a photo ecard where you can add a family photo to it before sending it off.

6. Fun With Taters by Hallmark

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Hallmark

This is a free Thanksgiving ecard from Hallmark that features Hoops & Yoyo up to some shenanigans with mashed potatoes.

Add your own custom message and it will show up at the end of this animated Thanksgiving ecard.

7. Let's Feast by Marcia Copeland

Thanksgiving Ecards
© Marcia Copeland

The Let's Feast Thanksgiving ecard by Marcia Copeland can be sent as a normal ecard or as an online Thanksgiving dinner invitation.

This scrumptious turkey will bring a smile to anyone's face at the thought of a Thanksgiving meal.

8. Thankful by Camilla Eriksson

Thanksgiving Ecard
© Camilla Eriksson

Well wishes will be sent to your friends when you send them this free Thanksgiving ecard.

You can feel great about sending the free ecards at Care2 because for each ecard you send a credit will be donated to a good cause.

9. Special Thanksgiving Wishes by 123 Greetings

Thanksgiving Ecards
© 123 Greetings

This free Thanksgiving ecard from 123 Greetings is an animated ecard that wishes everyone who sees it a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a great card that's perfect for any friend or family member whom you won't get to see this Thanksgiving.

10. Let's Reconnect by SomeEcards

Thanksgiving Ecards
© SomeEcards

You'll love this funny Thanksgiving ecard from SomeEcards if you're looking for something a little more in your face in ways of a Thanksgiving message.

This Thanksgiving ecard points out the fact that sometimes the only time we get together is the holidays.

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