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Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets That Are Free to Print


Updated for Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving math worksheets are a fun way to get kids interested in math. They can't seem to resist a math worksheet when it's decorated with some silly turkeys!

All these Thanksgiving math worksheets are free and can be printed from your own printer. They're great for the classroom or to use at home around Thanksgiving time.

If you like these Thanksgiving math worksheets, you can find other free Thanksgiving worksheets to keep the kids learning right over Thanksgiving break.

Find even more Thanksgiving freebies to make this the best Thanksgiving ever.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets From Math-Drills.com

At Math-Drills.com you'll find Thanksgiving math worksheets all decked out with turkeys, cornucopias, and the Mayflower.

These Thanksgiving math worksheets will help students practice comparing numbers, ordering numbers, multiplying, and adding.

Kidzone Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

The Thanksgiving math worksheets at Kidzone are conveniently organized by grade level and you'll find worksheets from children in Grades 1-5.

The skills included in these Thanksgiving math worksheets are magic squares, math tables, word problems, adding, number sentences, decimals, multiplication, and division.

Super Teacher Worksheets Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

The Thanksgiving math worksheets at Super Teacher Worksheets will help kids with their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You'll also find a Thanksgiving color by number here which is a great way to introduce math to the younger kids.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets at Tlsbooks.com

There are lots of Thanksgiving math worksheets here but you'll need to scroll down first to see them all.

There are Thanksgiving math worksheets for multiplying, adding, subtracting, and working with fractions.

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