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Updated for Thanksgiving 2013

Add this turkey clip art to anything this Thanksgiving to make it extra fun and special. That includes flyers, newsletters, websites, or anything else that could use some Thanksgiving fun.

These turkey clip art images include live turkeys, cooked turkeys, and turkeys doing all kinds of silly things to either celebrate or avoid Thanksgiving.

Tip: All the turkey clip art here is free for personal use but the sites have different requirements if you'd like to use them commercially. Please check the copyright details first.

If you're looking for more than just turkey clip art, you can find more seasonal images in free Thanksgiving clip art and free fall clip art. There also are plenty more Thanksgiving freebies to make this the best Turkey Day yet.

Free Clip Art Store's Free Turkey Clip Art

Turkey Clip Art
© Free Clip Art Store

There are some nice large turkey clip art images here at Free Clip Art Store.

You'll find elegant, funny, happy, and nervous critters featured in this turkey clip art collection.

Turkey Clip Art at Free Graphics

Turkey Clip Art
© Free Graphics

There are two pages of free turkey clip art images here that include a wide variety of sizes.

You'll want to click on the image of the turkey clip art twice to get to the correct size for downloading.

Ibytemedia's Turkey Clip Art

Turkey Clip Art
© Ibytemedia

There are quite a few turkey clip art images here that are all part of public domain and free for you to download.

You'll find proud turkeys, turkey dinners, tricky turkeys, and nervous turkeys all featured in these turkey clip art images.

ClipartPal's Free Turkey Clip Art

Turkey Clip Art
© ClipartPal

Feast your eyes upon these turkey clip art images and decide which one would look great on your project.

There are almost 30 free turkey clip art images and they are all waiting for you to grab them.

Free Turkey Clip Art at Clker

Turkey Clip Art
© Clker

Clker has a nice collection of turkey clip art that includes sketches and cartoons of turkeys.

For all these turkey clip art images, you can choose to download them in small, medium, or large.

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