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Use Catalog Choice To Stop Junk Mail


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Catalog Choice is a free service that makes it easy to reduce the junk mail you receive.

In just a few minutes, you can use Catalog Choice to tell the companies that send you unsolicited mail that you want them to stop sending you junk mail.

Not only will Catalog Choice help you get rid of unwanted mail, it will also reduce clutter and save on natural resources.

Signing Up For Catalog Choice:

Visit Catalog Choice and sign up for a free account if this is your first time using Catalog Choice.

Catalog Choice will send you a confirmation email and you'll need to click the link before you can use Catalog Choice.

How To Use Catalog Choice:

Enter the company name you would like to stop sending you mail in the search box at Catalog Choice. You have the option to enter your zip code instead to see which companies regularly send unsolicited mail to people in your area but I found the company search to work much better.

Click the Search button to view your results.

Catalog Choice will now provide you with a list of results. When you've found the company you're looking for, click on New Request.

You'll now see some information on your chosen company including their privacy policy and customer service phone number if you'd like to contact them directly.

Fill out the Catalog Choice opt out form with as much information as you can so they can be sure to remove you from their mailing list. If you'd like, you can enter the reason you are opting out.

Click the Submit Request button at the bottom to send in the opt out form.

Catalog Choice will send your opt out request to the company. You can track the status of your request in your Catalog Choice dashboard.

A Catalog Choice Feature That Will Cost You:

Although the basic service of opting out at Catalog Choice if free, if you are willing to donate $20 they'll do the legwork for you.

With this paid option, Catalog Choice will use their unlisting service to remove your name, address, and other personal information from marketing lists. This makes sure that you never receive that junk mail in the first place.

How Catalog Choice Uses Your Personal Information:

Catalog Choice only uses the information you provide to send to the companies so they can remove you from their marketing lists.

Catalog Choice does not use your personal information in any other way.

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