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My Money from the US Government

Materials and advice to save you money


I like to think of any money that you save that would have otherwise been spent as free money. For once, the US government is trying to save you money instead of coming up with ways to take it.

Mymoney.gov offers to send you what they call the “My Money Toolkit” for free. The site also contains a wealth of free advice on saving money. The subjects they cover include:

  • Budgeting & Taxes

  • Credit

  • Financial Planning

  • Home Ownership

  • Paying for Education

  • Privacy, Fraud, & Scams

  • Responding To Life Events

  • Retirement Planning

  • Saving & Investing

  • Starting A Small Business
Check out their free advice and you may soon find yourself with significant free money resulting from money saving tips you may have not otherwise considered.

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