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Best Freebie Websites: The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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Best Free Ringtone Website 2011: Zedge.net
Best Free Ringtones

Best Website to Download Free Ringtones: Zedge.net

Photo © Zedge.net

The winner of the Best Website to Download Free Ringtones was overwhelming Zedge.net.

Almost 20 million people agree with you that Zedge.net is the place to go for the best free ringtones. There are thousands of free ringtones here and you'll find everything from comedy to snippets of your favorite songs. Zedge.net makes it really easy to download the ringtones either directly on your computer, where you can then transfer them to your phone, or easily with the Zedge mobile site.

The huge selection and ease of use is just a few of the reasons that thousands of votes were cast to name Zedge.net the best free ringtones website.

The Other Finalists for Best Free Ringtones:

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