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23 Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Tons of Free Baby Shower Games From the Classic to the Unique


11. Baby Pictionary

Print off these baby pictionary cards and you have an instant free baby shower game that will prove to be hilarious for everyone there.

Guests will draw one of these cards and then have to act out what's on the card. Play it as teams to be competitive or just as a large group for a laugh.

12. Wishes for the Baby

This is more of a keepsake for the mom instead of a baby shower game but it's still a great activity.

Have each guest complete the card to share what they want the new baby to learn, laugh about, create, love, remember, bloom into, dream about, and find.

Here are a few other free Wishes for Baby printables.

13. Alternative Children's Book Titles Quiz

This is a unique baby shower game that should be a lot of fun for your guests.

The answers will be titles of popular children's books but the trick is figuring out which one the question is referring too.

14. Price is Right Baby Shower Game

This free printable baby shower game will have your guests guessing at the price of diapers, baby food, baby lotion, a teething ring, baby powder, baby shoes, onesies, bottles, pacifiers, and stuffed animals.

15. Candy Bar Baby Shower Game

This is such a fun baby shower game! See if the guests can match the baby/pregnancy term that most closely matches the name of a candy bar.

You can make this baby shower game extra sweet by giving away some of the candy bars as prizes.

16. Delivery Statistics Guessing Game

This classic baby shower game has guests guessing on the delivery date and height/weight of the baby.

You can use this calendar template to have the guests pick out the date and write the statistics within.

17. Mommy & Daddy Trivia Game

A fun game where the guests will answer trivia questions about the mommy and daddy to be.

You can create your own questions or use the Who Knows Mommy Best? printable as a guide.

18. Baby Shower Discovery Game

This free baby shower game is perfect as an ice breaker and will let your guests get to know each other a little bit better.

Have each guest go around the room and find out what they have in common with the other guests they may or may not know.

19. Baby Shower Jeopardy

This free printable baby shower game is a play off Jeopardy. Guests will need to answer certain questions about nursery rhymes to get their points. The person with the highest number of points at the end is the winner.

Everything that you need is included here from the point values, questions, answers, and even the complete nursery rhymes.

20. Baby Shower Around the World

Here's a unique printable baby shower game that will have the guests match ten different languages with the word "baby."

Included are the sheets for the guests and the answer sheet.

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