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4 Easy Ways To Get Free Baby Formula

How To Get Free Baby Formula


Free baby formula is given away by companies who want you to try their formula out on your baby. It's their hope that you'll like it and want to purchase it the next time you buy baby formula.

From small samples to full-sized cans, look below to find out some easy ways you can get free baby formula.

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1. Free Samples of Baby Formula

There are several online companies that give away free baby formula samples as well as other baby samples on a regular basis. The companies hope that you'll try the free samples, like them and go out and purchase the products.

It's a great idea to check these sites once a week to see if they're offering samples of free baby formula.

2. Register With Baby Formula Companies to Get Free Baby Formula

A great way to get free baby formula is to go straight to the source. The companies that make baby formula often give out free baby formula samples and coupons to help you get cheap or even free baby formula.

Register with these companies that make baby formula and watch your mailbox for free coupons and samples.

3. Call Your Doctor's Office and Hospital

Call both your doctor's office and local hospital to see if they have free baby formula available or know of some place where you can get free baby formula. These are great resources for free baby formula and you may find yourself with bags full of it after contacting these two places.

Besides free baby formula, they'll also be able to share with you where you can get other baby freebies like free baby magazines and free diapers.

4. Combine Coupons and Sales to Get Free Baby Formula

Check your paper for local coupons for baby formula and grocery ads that have baby formula on sale. A great coupon combined with a good sale can you get you some very cheap or even free baby formula.

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