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Free Revlon Vital Radiance Makeup Sample


Offer Description:

This free sample offer has expired. Please visit the new free sample page to find out the latest free samples.

Revlon is offering a free sample of eye, face or lip makeup products.

How to get the free makeup offer:

Visit the Revlon Vital Radiance Site and click on the free sample link. You can choose to do a profile for eye, face, or lip makeup or do a combined profile for all of them. You only get samples in one category even if you do the full profile. You need to create an account on the site either before or after you do the profile.

Offer Availability:

The free makeup sample offer is available in the US currently, but they plan to offer samples for Canada later.

What are risks in requesting this free makeup sample offer?:

The Revlon privacy policy is rather long and convoluted. It basically says they will share your information, so I would choose to use a junk email account with this one.

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