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7 Tips and Tricks on Getting Freebies From Allure Free Stuff

Be an Allure Free Stuff Winner Every Time!


The Allure Free Stuff program gives out beauty products for free. This is a program that gives out some great freebies but you're going to have to know what you're doing if you want to score the goods.

Below you'll find seven tips and tricks to make sure you get those beauty freebies from Allure Free Stuff.

1. Learn How Allure Free Stuff Works

Allure Free Stuff is a program that gives out free full sized beauty products. If you want the beauty freebies, you'll have to submit the Allure Free Stuff form on the specified date and time. If you're one of the first 500-1,000 people to submit the form, you'll get the Allure freebie being given away.

2. Find Out What Freebies Are Given Away When

Check my Allure Free Stuff calendar to find out what date and time the Allure freebies are going to be given away as well as what you can get for free.

3. Know What Time the Allure Free Stuff Giveaway Happens In Your Time Zone

Most of the Allure Free Stuff giveaways take place at 12:00 p.m. EST. If you're not in the Eastern Time Zone, you'll need to find out what time the giveaway begins in your time zone.

4. Set an Online Alarm So You Don't Miss the Allure Free Stuff Giveaway

The best way to make sure you don't miss out on Allure Free Stuff is by setting an alarm to remind you that it's about to begin.

I use a free online alarm clock and set it to 5 minutes before the giveaway. When the alarm goes off, I'll have time to get to my computer and get ready to enter for the Allure freebie.

5. Enter at the Right Time to Become a Winner of Allure Free Stuff

Since the Allure Free Stuff program only gives out freebies to the first 500-1,000 visitors, you'll want to make sure that you hit the Submit button right at the time the giveaway is set to start. If you hit submit before the specified time your entry won't count and if you enter too late all of the Allure freebies will be given away.

The Allure Free Stuff form is kept up all day the first week or so of the month. It won't tell you when it's time to enter for the freebie, so you'll have to watch the clock yourself.

6. Don't Panic If Something Goes Wrong When You Enter to Win Allure Free Stuff

If you submit the form and get a confirmation screen then you're entered into get the Allure Free Stuff freebie.

Since a lot of people enter to get freebies from the Allure Free Stuff program, sometimes this can strain their website. You might get an error page and need to quickly enter again.

A good rule of thumb is that if you see the word thanks anywhere on the page or in the URL, don't enter again because you may disqualify yourself. If you get an error page that doesn't have the word thanks anywhere on it, then go back and quickly enter again.

7. You May Not Know If You Get the Allure Free Stuff Freebie Until Months Later

Allure doesn't send emails out saying you have or haven't been one of the lucky ones to get a freebie from Allure Free Stuff. Allure simply passes on your information to the sponsor of the freebie who may or may not contact you.

The most common way you'll know if you're getting an Allure freebie is that it will just show up in the mail. It may take awhile too - it's common to have an Allure Free Stuff freebie show up 6-9 months after you've won it.

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