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Beauty & Health Freebies

Beauty freebies, health freebies and personal hygiene things you can get for free. Find the free beauty, health and personal care stuff you have been looking for, nicely categorized and easy to locate.
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New Beauty & Health Freebies
Check out the About.com Freebies blog for brand new beauty and health freebies listed every day.

Free Beauty Samples
Where you can find free beauty samples of makeup, perfume, and shampoo. Try a ton of beauty items with these free beauty samples.

Ways To Get Free Makeup Samples
A list of easy ways to get makeup free samples coming in your mailbox.

LUV BBW Club Gets You Bath & Body Works Freebies
Get great health and beautify freebies when you sign up for the LUV BBW Club rewards club by Bath & Body Works.

Get Free Beauty Products From Allure Free Stuff
The Allure Free Stuff program is one of the most amazing freebie programs in existence. Where else can you frequently get tons of full-sized freebies?!

Freebie Calendar for Allure Magazine
See what freebies you can get this month from Allure Magazine.

Free Shampoo Samples
Places to get free shampoo samples.

Allure Free Stuff Tips & Tricks
Several tips to make sure you get all the free beauty items possible from the Allure Free Stuff program.

Free Perfume Samples
Several sources for regular free perfume samples.

Free Yoga Classes
Find out how to find a free yoga class at a Lululemon store near you.

Pedometer FREE
My review of Pedometer FREE, a free pedometer app for iOS.

What's The Best Freebie You've Gotten From Allure?
Share the best Allure freebie you've scored and read about the best Allure freebies other readers have received.

Free Yoga Videos
Get a workout from home with these free yoga videos.

Freebies from Sephora
Learn how to get freebies from Sephora.

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