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20 Birthday Party Games That Won't Cost You a Dime

Birthday Party Games Using What You Have On Hand


These birthday party games will make your birthday party a hit without having to spend any money on supplies for the games.

A few of the birthday party games below have supplies you need but these are common enough objects that you probably have them laying around your house right now.

These birthday party games are great for all ages and you can often add variations to make them work for adults.

You can find even more birthday freebies such as free birthday invitations and free birthday cards that will help you throw the best birthday party ever.

1. Treasure Hunt Game

Group of children (4-7) playing, elevated view
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This birthday party game gives clues to the guests that leads them to areas around the house or yard until the reach their final prize. I love this birthday party game because you can customize it for little kids all the way up to adults.

2. Dress Up Relay Race

In this birthday party game the guests will compete in relay races where they pile on the clothes and accessories. You can even customize all the clothes and accessories to fit whatever the theme of your birthday party is. There are also lots of other variations for relay races you'll want to check out.

3. Steal the Bacon

A unique spin the classic game of tag that uses just one simple item you are sure to already have in your house.

4. Water Balloon Toss

This birthday party game is best played in the warmer weather and needs to be outside. Pair up the guests and have them see how long they can go before they break the water-filled balloon.

5. Capture the Flag

A fun, classic birthday party game that's best played outside. Check out Pirate's Treasure for a fun spin on this birthday party game.

6. Animal Party Game

A fun guessing game that incorporates physical activity makes this birthday party game an easy one to plan and execute.

7. A Quiet Guessing Game

A great birthday party game for an indoor birthday party. It's a great way to wrap up a party before you send the kids home.

8. Cross the River

This is a great birthday party game that's sometimes called Cross the Lava.

9. Boomer-Whitz

A cross between I Spy and Hide and Seek will keep kids of all ages into this birthday party game.

10. Button-Button

All you need to play this birthday party game is a button!

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