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1001 Free Fonts
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Don't be tricked by the name, the free font website 1001 Free Fonts has way more than just 1,001 free fonts available. Online since 1998, 1001 Free Fonts has long been one of the go-to places online to get free fonts.

Big Font Previews Make It Easy to Browse

The first thing I noticed about 1001 Free Fonts is that the font previews are nice and large, meaning that I can quickly browse through the numerous pages of free fonts to find my next font. The previews are the perfect size for quick viewing, small enough there's still a good number of them on a page and large enough that they're easy to see with just a glance.

You can browse at 1001 Free Fonts by viewing the fonts alphabetically or by category. There's also a search box if you're looking for a particular font.

Set Your Own Custom Font Preview

1001 Free Fonts

The custom font preview at 1001 Free Fonts.

© 1001 Free Fonts

You can type in your own headline for a font at 1001 Free Fonts so you can see what the font will look like with different text.

It's a nice large preview which makes it easy to see what a title would look like but with a limit of 20 characters, you won't be able to see what a large chunk of text will look like.

Downloads Available for Windows and Macs

1001 Free Fonts

A few of the retro fonts available at 1001 Free Fonts.

© 1001 Free Fonts

Each of the free fonts available at 1001 Free Fonts can be downloaded for Windows or a Mac. They're downloaded as zip files so you'll need to unzip the files before you can install the fonts.

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