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The free font website dafont.com has almost a whopping 15,000 free fonts available in just about every category imaginable.

Unique Fonts From Multiple Creators

All the fonts at dafont.com are created and uploaded by users and then reviewed before added to the site. This serves the site well because you'll find some great fonts here from some very talented designers.

With all the different designers here there's not one style that's overpopulated and you'll find a great selection across every category of fonts.

Specific Categories Makes It Easy to Find a Font


Some of the free barcode fonts you can find at dafont.com.

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dafont.com has some great categories that are specific enough that you'll be able to narrow down what you're looking for rather quickly. With categories like eroded, bar code, and army, how could you go wrong?

Within each category you can sort by name, popularity, or age. You can filter the category by licensing options as well which is a great feature if you're looking for a font that's free for commercial use.

Category results can further be customized by adding your custom text, setting preview size, and specifying how many fonts you want to show up on a page.

If browsing through categories isn't your thing then there's also a search box or you can browse alphabetically.

A Font Preview You'll Fall In Love With

The best feature of dafont.com is how great their font preview is. Once you click on a font you like you can then type in text you want to preview and view that text in tiny, small, medium, or large. This means you get to see a preview of this font and how it will look in what size you are planning to use it before you have to download it.

Download In a Snap


The custom preview for the fonts at dafont.com.

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When you're ready to download your new font just glance above the Download button to see how you are and aren't allowed to use the font.

Click Download to download the font as a zip file which you'll need to unzip before using. Before you know it you'll have your new font that's ready to be installed.

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