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Free Phone Calls With iCall


iCall Software - Free Phone Calls With iCall

iCall Software

Updated July 2013

iCall is one of the better ways to make free Internet phone calls.

iCall is a "traditional" free phone call application. You just download the software, log in, and make free calls to real phones.

Types of Free Calls With iCall:

iCall can be used to make free PC to phone calls.

Download iCall and Create a Free Account:

Download iCall for free here. Mac and Linux versions are also available but the instructions below are for Windows.

Once downloaded, install the program (skip the RealPlayer installation if you don't want that), and then run iCall.

Click the Create an iCall account button on the program's main window and then complete the free sign-up process. There's no need to Supercharge iCall with Total Access unless you want to.

How To Use iCall:

Making free calls with iCall is very easy. Just start the program and log in. After iCall connects, dial the number you want to call from the Phone tab and then click Dial.

After a few seconds, iCall will connect you to whatever number you dialed - for free.

You can also make free calls directly from the iCall website, meaning you won't have to download or install any software.

iCall smartphone apps are also available for iPhone and Android users.

iCall Free Call Limits:

Free calls made with iCall are limited to a five minutes in length, at which point you'll be disconnected. However, you're free to call the same number over again as many times as you like.

Calls made from iCall's website are limited to three minutes.

Also, calls made with any iCall interface are free only if you call numbers based in the United States or Canada. Calls to numbers outside the US and Canada will cost you, but usually not much.

iCall Review:

I think iCall is great, mainly because it's so easy to use. My biggest issue with iCall is that the free call time limit is only five minutes. Granted, many phone calls are short, but compared to the three hour limit of Google Voice, five minutes seems incredibly short.

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