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Tuitalk Software

As of July 2012, Tuitalk is no longer operational.

Tuitalk is one way to make free Internet phone calls.

Tuitalk is a program that you download and use to make free calls over the Internet.

Types of Free Calls With Tuitalk:

Tuitalk can be used to make free PC to phone calls.

Download Tuitalk and Create a Free Account:

You can download Tuitalk for free.

Once downloaded, install the program, run it, and then click the Not a member yet? link at the bottom of the program window to sign up.

How To Use Tuitalk:

Making a free call with Tuitalk is pretty easy. First, start the program and log in. Select the country you want to call, enter the phone number, and then click the phone icon.

After clicking the icon, a video advertisement will play in the video window. As soon as that's complete, the call will be connected for free.

Free Tuitalk Windows Mobile and iPhone apps are also available.

Tuitalk Free Call Limits:

Free calls made with Tuitalk are limited based on the free call's destination. For most destinations, you can talk for six minutes, three times per day, for a total of 18 minutes.

You can see the complete list of free call destinations and respective durations.

When the free call time is over, you'll be automatically disconnected.

Tuitalk Review:

Tuitalk is works very similarly to iCall but I don't think it's nearly as good. The video advertisement in Tuitalk is much more annoying than the short audio one that iCall puts you through and I thought iCall's call quality was much better.

On the other hand, iCall calls are only free if the number is in the US or Canada. Tuitalk has a much wider reach but the trade off here is the per-day call time limits.

Of course if you need a PC to phone application and want to talk to certain countries longer than a few seconds, like with EvaPhone, then Tuitalk might be perfect.

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