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Halloween is a fun and sometimes scary holiday. These videos help you get in the "spirit" of the season. I've included one that is a bit scary and disturbing in a fun kind of way, one with great "pumpkin art" and one that will help you make very cool and inexpensive Halloween tombstones.

1) The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

After watching this video you may never feel the same about carving your Halloween pumpkin. If the kids watch it they will never let you carve a Jack-O-Lantern again.

2) Great Pumpkin Designs

This video shows you some truly amazing pumpkin carving designs by the film maker, her family, and friends. They are one very talented bunch.

3) How To Make Tombstones for Halloween

Learn how to make some very inexpensive, but great looking tombstones for your Halloween graveyard display. The video is produced by a professional special effects designer.

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