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The Top 10 Places to Listen to Free Music Online

Free Online Music for All


There are more websites than ever that offer free music online and it can be a little daunting when you're looking for some free online music that you can play right now. I've made it easy and reviewed the top 10 places to listen to free music online so you can get to enjoying your music right now.

These free online music sources all work a little bit differently and all have many different features. You'll basically find music databases where you can search for an artist or song and listen to it on-demand or online radio stations which work more fluidly. They all have their bells and whistles giving you just what you want.

Tip: Although these websites are all great places to listen to free music online, many are advertised based so you'll need to listen to ads every once in awhile. There are also sometimes rules on how often you can skip songs within a playlist or radio station. Be sure to read each website's FAQs to find out all the details.

These websites offer free music online but if you want to keep the music you hear, you'll want to find out where you can download free music. You also might like to know where the best places online are to watch free music videos and the best free music apps.

1. Spotify

Free Music Online
© Spotify

Spotify is the master of all free music online right now with over a million songs available for you to listen to whenever you want and as many times as you want. These are songs from artists you've heard of and want to listen to.

The free music online through Spotify is played through a desktop manager that you'll need to download before you can get started with Spotify. Once you're up and going you can search and listen to your favorite music, create playlists, and share the music you love with all your friends.

At this time Spotify is only available in the U.S. Spotify is available for smart phones but a Spotify Premium account is required to access the Spotify music library.

2. Pandora

Free Music Online
© Pandora

Pandora is a great place to listen to free music online from your favorite artists but an even better place to discover new music that you're sure to like as well.

Enter an artist, genre, or composer into Pandora and they'll create an online streaming radio station based on what you like. As you listen to your radio station you'll hear songs and artists that are similar to one's you already like. You'll then be able to tell Pandora if you want to hear more like what you're listening to or move in a different direction.

You're not limited to the free online music of one radio station either - you can create up to 100 unique stations that only contain music that you love.

Besides listening to the free music online that Pandora offers, you can also download free apps for your Smartphone.

Pandora One is the ad-free version of Pandora that includes a desktop program and higher audio quality for a monthly fee. See my review of HitBliss to learn how to get Pandora One for free.

3. Last.fm

Free Music Online
© Last.fm

Last.fm is a great all around music site for both listening to free music online and downloading free music.

Enter artists that you like into Last.fm and they'll provide radio stations that include that artist and other artists they think you'll like.

You can also download The Scrobbler on your computer or iPod which will keep track of the music you listen to on your computer and then send that back to Last.fm so they can make recommendations based on that.

Last.fm can also work along with Spotify making it a powerhouse of a program for listening to music. There are also Last.fm apps for your Smartphone, tablets, and Xbox.

4. Grooveshark

Free Music Online
© Grooveshark

Visit Grooveshark and listen to all the free music online that you can handle. You can also create playlists and share everything with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Grooveshark is really the best of both worlds because it acts like a search engine like Spotify does but also has streaming radio stations like Pandora. You can easily switch back and forth between these two features meaning that there is little chance of you ever getting bored of what you're listening to.

5. MOG

Free Music Online

MOG is a heck of a way to listen to free music online with a whooping 15 million songs available for you to listen to on-demand.

MOG really does seem to do it all. They'll recommend new artists to you based on one's you already like, lets you create playlists, and has tons of online radio stations there for your listening pleasure.

There are smartphone apps available for MOG but they require a subscription account.

6. RadioTuna

Free Music Online
© Radiotuna

RadioTuna is an excellent way to find radio stations from all over the Internet that you can then play right from RadioTuna without the hassle of figuring out each radio stations' player.

To get started with RadioTuna you just need to pick a genre or an artist and then you'll be given thousands of listings for online radio stations that play the music you've searched for.

You can play this free music online through your browser or a desktop player you can download.

7. 8Tracks

Free Music Online

The free online music at 8Tracks is grouped into short playlists of 8 songs that are put together by you or by another 8Tracks listener.

It's a fun way you can become your own DJ or appreciate that someone else took the time to create the perfect mix for whatever mood you're in.

Free apps for iPhones and Androids are also available for 8Tracks.

8. Playlist

Free Music Online
© Playlist

Playlist encourages you to use the free music online in their library to create custom playlists to share with your friends. You'll also be able to view other's playlists that include songs or artists that you like.

The tools make Playlist really easy to use and create your own playlists. Sound quality is excellent and it's a fun site to use.

9. Jango

Free Music Online
© Jango

Jango is another free streaming radio station and they make it super easy to listen to free music online from your computer.

You'll be creating your own custom radio station based on artists that you like and what you think of similar artists.

The aspect that makes Jango unique is that you can listen to other user's radio stations and they can listen to yours.

10. AOL Radio

Free Music Online
© AOL Radio

AOL Radio may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other free online music sites but is incredibly easy to use and hassle-free.

Choose from thousands of their free online radio stations in all kinds of genres and you'll be up and listening to music you love in just a matter of seconds.

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