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The TV used to be where you'd go to watch free music videos but the go to place now is the Internet and with good reason.

There are lots of different websites out there that show free music videos but the websites below stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether it's the large quantity of free music videos they have, the video playlists they allow you to create, or the recommendations they give, should really make you take notice.

If you like these free music video websites then you'll also love to find out where the best places are to listen to music for free online, download music for free, and the best free music apps to take your music on the road.

1. YouTube

Free Music Videos
© YouTube

It probably won't surprise you that YouTube is a great place to go to watch free music videos of all your favorite artists and discover up and coming musicians who have made their own music videos for you to enjoy.

You can find free music videos at YouTube by using a keyword to search through them or by browsing in a genre. You can also view the top 100 music videos, recommended music and artists, or free music videos of artists who will be in your area for an upcoming concert.

You can enjoy free music videos on your phone as well by downloading the YouTube apps for your smartphones.

2. Vevo

Free Music Videos

Vevo takes music videos from all over the Internet and puts them all together so you can easily view all the free music videos you want to see.

You can view the videos by genre, most viewed, and recently added. You can also use the search box to search for a particular video or artist.

A great feature of Vevo is that you can create your own playlists of all your favorite videos so you can view them over and over again.

Mobile and tablet apps are available for Vevo as well so you can enjoy your favorite free music videos on the go.

3. Music Video Genome

Free Music Videos
© Music Video Genome

The Music Video Genome is indeed a unique way to view free music videos and collects videos from various websites and presents them in a new way.

It works much like Pandora where you type in an artist you like and then a station will be created that plays that artist's works along with similar artists. The difference is that the Music Video Genome plays videos instead of just streaming the music.

4. ChartBRAIN

Free Music Videos
© ChartBRAIN

ChartBRAIN is a unique way to watch free music videos of the hottest music from around the country.

Select a top music chart and you'll be able to view a video playlist of those top hits. Check back each week for new video playlists.

5. MTV.com

Free Music Videos

There may not be a lot of music videos on MTV anymore but MTV.com has thousands of free music videos you can watch right in your browser.

View free music videos of the most popular artists, the most popular videos as chosen by viewers, and MTV staff picks. You can also watch video premieres and view playlists of popular music videos.

6. Yahoo! Music

Free Music Videos
© Yahoo Music

At Yahoo! Music you can easily find free music videos that are trending, new, and most popular.

A unique feature of Yahoo! Music is that you can view video stations where a series of music videos will play in your browser based on a genre you've selected.

7. Music.com

Free Music Videos
© Music.com

At Music.com you can view the free music videos by new videos, recommended videos, and the top 10 videos.

After selecting a music video you'd like to watch, you'll be linked to other videos by the same artist and similar videos that you might also enjoy.

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