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The Best Places to Watch TV Online for Free


Watching free TV online is a great way to save some money on cable/satellite and DVDs or even just catch up on your favorite shows that you may have missed.

Most of the websites below are portals to places where you can watch free TV online. This means they don't actually host the TV shows but they gather up all the links and videos to the TV shows you want to watch from all over the rest of the Internet. Just think of it as all the hard work being taken care of for you.

The websites below are legal places you can watch free TV online so you don't need to worry about breaking the law or violating anyone's copyright.

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Free TV
© Hulu

If you're wanting to watch free TV online my first suggestion is that you visit Hulu. They have hundreds of full episodes you can watch for free as well as clips of almost every show out there.

Some of the free TV on Hulu includes shows like The Office, New Girl, Community, Hell's Kitchen, The Daily Show, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, The Simpsons, Glee, and many more.

There are different rules for how long after airing a TV show can be put up on Hulu as well as how many episodes of the show they can keep up at a time. Just click on the show to get all the details on each show's rules.

Besides free TV shows, Hulu also shows free movies, trailers, and documentaries.


Free TV
© Clicker

Clicker is another great place to go to watch free TV online. They don't actually host any videos but act more like a search directory so you can easily find your favorite TV shows that are already streaming elsewhere on the Internet.

A great feature that Clicker has is the ability to subscribe to certain shows so you can be alerted when the next episode is available to watch online. Very handy in making sure that you don't miss any of your favorite shows.

Your favorite shows like Jersey Shore, Family Guy, and Teen Mom are just a few of the free TV shows you can watch online or on your smart phone.


Free TV
© TumTiki

TumTiki, run by the popular cable provider Frontier Communications, houses content from both Hulu and Amazon meaning that you can find a ton of free TV episodes here as well as movies and other video clips.

Integrated TV listings makes this a great places to go to watch some free TV of shows you haven't seen or can't wait to see again.


Free TV
© YouTube

YouTube may not be your first thought when you think of watching free TV online but maybe it should be.

YouTube has full episodes of reality, comedy, drama, action, news, travel, food, nature and sports shows that you can view by genre. You can also look to the right to view the top episodes that people are watching on YouTube.


Free TV
© Xfinity

Xfinity has free TV shows and is a similar service to Hulu and Clicker.

While a lot of the TV shows here are free some will require a subscription to Comcast and certain movie channels for you to be able to watch them.

TV Guide

Free TV
© TV Guide

You can also watch free episodes of your favorite TV shows over at TV Guide.

View the TV shows by most popular or use the search box or show listing to find what you're looking for.


Free TV
© Crackle

Crackle provides free TV shows, similar to the other websites in this list.

You don't need to sign up with Crackle to view TV episodes, so you can start watching them right away.

Sign up for RSS alerts for any TV show to get updated when new episodes are released.


Free TV
© Livestation

Another website to view free TV online is Livestation.

Livestation is a little different than the other websites in this list because it lets you watch live news instead of TV show episodes.

Livestation is supported by advertising, but you can upgrade to a premium account to remove ads and increase video quality.


Free TV
© HitBliss

HitBliss lets you watch TV online at no cost, but it's a little different than the other websites in this list because you spend earned credits to watch TV shows.

You must first install the HitBliss program to your computer. This is where you watch the TV shows. It's also where you earn money to pay for the shows.

From inside the program you can use what's called HitBliss Earn to earn cash. It works by displaying advertisements from marketers. The more you watch the more you can earn, and the more you can eventually use to watch free TV.

HitBliss also has options to buy TV episodes, but you don't have to if you earn the points from the advertisers.


Free TV
© MovieWeb

Watch full length TV shows at MovieWeb.

MovieWeb has dedicated sections for viewing full TV episodes, shows premiering this week, the most popular shows, and more.

There are tons of RSS feeds you can subscribe to so you're always up to date with new releases. For instance, Top TV Shows Today, Top TV Shows This Week, and Full TV Episodes are a few you can grab.

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