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Time Waster Games

We are all busy, but that is no excuse for not having a little fun. I promise these little diversions will not only waste your time, but you will have loads of fun the process. Don't forget to pass along the ones you really like to your friends. They need to waste some time too.

Learn how to play this free online time wasting game.

Totem Destroyer Time Waster Game
Totem Destroyer is a great time waster game where you get to destroy blocks to keep your idol from hitting the ground.

Magic Pen Time Waster Game
Magic Pen is a time waster game where you get to work against gravity by drawing shapes and building contraptions to get your red ball to the red flag.

Guess the Google Game
Play the game Guess the Google.

Lunchtimers Time Waster
Lunchtimers is an interactive time waster where you use virtual magnetic letters to create words and phrases while working or competing against others.

Falling Sand Game
Play this unique time waster.

Play Assembler
Assembler the online physics game.

Play Duck Online
Duck is a unique puzzle game that will have you scratching your head. Can you solve all 25 levels of Duck?

Play the fun online game, Canabalt.

Play the online game, Acrobots.

Excit Time Wasting Game
Excit is a fun puzzle time wasting game that looks like a spreadsheet. In the time waster Excit, you'll need to navigate your way to the green cell as quickly as possible.

Pop Bubble Wrap
Pop Bubble Wrap is a simple online application that lets you virtually pop bubble wrap. All of the fun and none of the mess!

Powder Game
An online game that's based on physics and will keep you busy for hours.

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