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World of Solitaire - Incredible Online and Downloadable Solitaire Game

Everything you could want in a solitaire game and more


There is something about the game of solitaire that keeps drawing you back. You may have played the standard Windows Solitaire to death, but I found an online version that will playing again ... and again and again. World of Solitaire is a beautiful online solitaire game with lots of options for card faces and a wide selection of solitaire game types. The game looks like a Flash based game, but it is done entirely with JavaScript.

The game keeps score for your session, and if you register, it will keep a score history for you. If you want to play the game offline there is a downloadable version. The download link is in the "About" window in the "Solitaire" menu.

Even if you think you are bored with Solitaire this game is worth a look. The author is continually improving this great time wasting program.

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