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Free Classes and Events at Michaels Craft Stores

Craft for Free at Michaels


Free Classes and Events at Michaels Craft Stores Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images Show-IN-Tell-FreeFamilyCraftTime.jpg Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Michaels' free show in tell events include free craft projects and demonstrations that are held at Michaels craft stores.

Upcoming Free Craft Projects and Demonstrations

Visit the Michaels' Show in Tell to view descriptions of upcoming free craft projects and events. Here's what's coming up:

  • Saturday, April 26 - Make a free Mother's Day card
  • Saturday, April 26 - Free Michaels Tote for Passport to Imagination Registration

How to Attend an In-Store Event at Michaels

There's no need to register for a class or demo at Michaels, just show up on the date and time listed.

Once in awhile there will be an event that requires you to bring supplies but most of the time they will be provided for you. If there are any required, it will tell you this in the description for the event.

Types of Free In-Store Events at Michaels

At Michaels, you'll find a wide range of craft classes and projects. These classes teach you how to create unique crafts including jewelry, painting, flower arranging, paper crafts and much more. There's several new projects every month and with all the classes offered you're sure to find a craft that you'd like to make.

Demonstrations at Michaels often includes cake decorating, new product demonstrations and advanced craft techniques. You won't get to take home a completed craft project at the demos but you'll often be able to try out techniques in the store.

There are also a few events every month that cost a few dollars to attend.

Limits to Be Aware Of:

Michaels in-store events are only available in the United States and Canada.

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